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How does payment processing work?

Private Label Cards: Gift and loyalty cards issued to your customers by your business. Gift cards are prepaid stored amounts. Loyalty cards are point based, adding incentives, discounts and rewards for returning customers.

Credit Card Processing pricing is based on how your business accepts credit cards, i.e., swiped transactions, manually keyed transactions (mail order/telephone order), and Internet e-commerce transactions.

FACT: Customers spend more by card payment than by cash.

What Cards can you Setup for a Merchant

Point of Sale Equipment: Terminals that can process credit/debit/private label/EBT/Smart cards electronically

Point of Sale Systems: Terminals that not only process credit/debit card transactions but also manage and report the entire point of sale. This includes cash, check and server transactions and information.

Signature Debit and Pin Debit

EBT cards: Electronic Benefits Transfer cards are stored value amounts issued by government benefits.

Smart Cards: A type of payment card embedded with a small chip that allows the card to store information.

Signature capture: Signatures that are captured in the terminal for use later such as for information retrieval.

Gateway: Encryption software that secures transactions processed over the internet. IC Verify and PC Charge are examples of card payment software that can integrate with your business PC. Yourpay and Verisign are types of gateways that can integrate with your online shopping cart or as stand alone virtual payment terminals.

ACH: Automated Clearing House
The Gateway and the credit/debit card processing are two separate services for ecommerce accounts. Card/Pay provides both of these services.
• American Express pricing is different than Bankcard transactions
• ATMs are bolted down to your business premises when installed

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Pricing and Equipment:
Certain industries qualify for different pricing for bankcard processing - i.e., retail versus hotel or supermarket versus petroleum.

Card/Pay will give packaged pricing for clients interested in two or more card payment services consisting of Credit/Debit card processing, ATM's, Private Label cards, and Check services.

Pricing is also based on annual volume and is subject to review.

To be able to accept online debit you must have a pin pad and printer. Card must be present and swiped.

Common point of sale equipment:
• Hypercom: T7P, T77, and ICE terminals
• Verifone: Tranz 330, 380, 460 and Omni 3200, 3300, and 3750
• Lipman: Nurit 2085, 2090, 3010, 8000
• Linkpoint 3000

Common point of sale system types:
• Digital Dining
• Aloha

Common credit card software types:
• PC Charge
• IC Verify

Common ATM equipment types:
• Triton: 9100, 9600, 9710, 9700
• Tidel models
• NCR models
• Hyosung models

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