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About Card/Pay

Company Background

Our goal is to add another level of relationship and service that is unparalleled in the industry. When combined with competitive pricing and a direct relationship, our Card/Pay program is fully comprehensive and perfect for any business.
Our clients range from restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and convenience stores to government agencies, e-commerce merchants, health care organizations, and attorneys. These clients process more than $240 million in credit and debit card purchases and over 6 million transactions a year.

What verticals does Card/Pay focus on?

The relationships we establish extend to CardTronics with ATM's and Telecheck for Check acceptance services. Card/Pay is also powered by First Data for Clover™ products and services, Insightics and private label cards. This partnership allows us to offer our clients multiple solutions for card and check processing services. Card/Pay acts as an association for all of our clients to enhance the highest quality of payment processing services while lowering costs.

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Why Choose CardPay?

Private Label Cards: These are gift and loyalty cards issued to your customers by your business. Gift cards are prepaid stored amounts, while loyalty cards are point-based incentives, discounts, and rewards for returning customers.

Credit Card Processing pricing is based on how your business accepts credit cards, i.e., swiped transactions, manually keyed transactions (mail order/telephone order), and Internet e-commerce transactions.


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