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► Clover Devices
The Clover Family is the latest in processing technology. Featuring cloud based POS systems these devices are now the go forward technology in the industry. Find out more about Clover now!

► FD-130
The FD-130 can process transactions via Dial or IP for fast transaction times, has a color touch screen, internal PIN pad, contactless payments, a small footprint and is EMV compliant.

► FD-200Ti
The FD-200Ti has the same functionality as the FD-130 except with a larger footprint to allow for Telecheck acceptance. Pair this terminal with the FD-35 PIN pad for EMV and PIN debit transactions.

► FD-35 PIN Pad
This PIN pad connects to the FD-130 and FD-200Ti terminals to allow for EMV and PIN debit transactions as well as contactless payments with services such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet. It is also encrypted with the latest PCI standards.

► Ingenico ICT 220
The ICT 220 can process multi-merchant accounts for hair salons or other businesses that have multiple entities and is EMV compliant.

► Ingenico IWL 252
This terminal has the ability to use the latest technology for Bluetooth so the terminal can process transactions without the attached power cable and communication line. The IWL 252 is capable of doing this with a base it communicates with through the Bluetooth technology. It is also EMV and PCI compliant and allows for PIN Debit Transactions. This terminal is ideal for merchants who need to have a portable solutions within its business premises.

► Ingenico IWL 255
The IWL 255 is the same terminal as the IWL 252 but uses a cellular modem instead of Bluetooth to process anywhere there is cellular data. This terminal is ideal for merchants who have events in an open scale environment or need to travel to other cities or states.

Triton ARGO 7 and ARGO 12– The Argo 7 comes in a shallow cabinet or deep cabinet to allow for room in convenient locations. The Argo 12 comes with a 12.1” screen for additional space for marketing messages. Both the ARGO 7 & 12 have updated design features include larger wings for added PIN security, improved dispenser security, touchscreen options, and blue LED-lighted keypad for easy-to-read transactions.

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