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Support for Card Payment Solutions

Dedicated to Offering the Highest Quality Services
Card/Pay is dedicated to offering the highest quality service, support, and help with your account. If you are unable to reach us, please call the numbers below for 24 hour, 7 days a week support, or click on the link to the appropriate website for help with your question or issue.

Credit Card Processing
If your merchant number starts with 518564520, 534703120, 510165370, 517927600, 476579360 or 476579370 and is 15 digits long, please call:

First Data Omaha Help Desk
Terminal Support: 1-800-228-0210, option 2, then option 1
Chargeback Help Desk: 1-800-672-5008
Collections: 1-800-833-9049, option 4
Security/Risk: 1-800-321-4860
AMEX Voice Authorization:

TransArmor PCI Rapid Comply (PCI Compliance): 1-877-201-3617

First Data Nashville Help Desk
Terminal Support: 1-800-542-1894 option 1

First Data Gift Card Help Desk
Terminal Support: 1-800-707-5129

If your merchant number starts with 444 and is 12 digits long, please call:

Paymentech Help Desk
Terminal Support: 1-800-354-8893
Discover/AMEX Voice Authorization:

eProcessing Network Technical Support: 1-800-971-0997

Apriva Support (Wireless terminals): 1-866-277-4828

Clover™ Support:

Buypass Support: 1-800-733-3322

GGE4 Gateway (Payezzy) Support: 1-855-448-3493

Telecheck Support: 1-800-366-1054

American Express: 1-800-528-5200

ATM Processing

Terminal Support and Customer Service: 1-877-777-0696 or 1-800-829-8919

E-commerce and Web Development/Hosting/Marketing Support
WEO Media: 1-888-788-4670

Needing paper? A spare power cord or battery?

Please access our website for all supplies at the following link:

Please type in the Membership ID and Password below:

Membership ID: CardPymtSolutions (Case Sensitive)
Membership Password: Axces4CardPymt (Case Sensitive)

Fill out the rest of the required information including a permanent password (note the password rules). Once you are logged, search for the appropriate terminal type you have for paper, peripherals and accessories.

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